How to Install an Undercounter Wine Cooler

How to Install an Undercounter Wine Cooler

Your passion for wine can go beyond your regular fridge. These fancy drinks can be inside wine coolers for the right temperature and more extended storage. Aside from that, these wine coolers also add beauty to your kitchen, bar, or entertainment room. Undercounter wine coolers are excellent storage units for beginners. They don’t take too much space, and they are also easy to set up. If you are wondering how to install an undercounter wine cooler, there are easy steps that you can follow on your own. This type of wine cooler does not take too much space and will give your kitchen a relaxed ambiance.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on you can easily install an undercounter wine cooler at home:

  1. Choose the best location at home

Before buying yourself your wine cooler, it is best to already have a site in mind. This location can help you choose which wine cooler will fit best. Some will choose the wine cooler first, but without your location’s actual measurements, this can lead to returning your wine cooler.

Most homeowners love to install their wine cooler in the kitchen. An undercounter wine cooler fits perfectly in this location. Avoid locations that can take direct heat in your house. Direct sunlight and heat from other appliances can affect the cooling capacity of your wine fridge.

Take note of the necessary measurements in your countertops. Bring these measurements with you when you are choosing your wine cooler. Additional space for clearance of your wine cooler is also highly suggested. This clearance will help you open your wine fridge, and it will also facilitate proper airflow while it is on.

  1. Consider the power supply for your wine cooler

Having an outlet plug near your desired location is a wise decision you can make. The convenience of having an outlet nearby prevents having extension wires around the kitchen, which can be an electrical hazard. Your power supply location could also be your guide on where you can place your wine cooler.

  1. Choose your wine cooler

The best wine cooler you can invest in is the one that will cater to your wine collection and lifestyle. Your personality can also reflect the design and the overall aesthetic of your wine cooler. The usual wine coolers’ usual location is under the countertops and has measurements that usually cater to standard kitchen counters.

Most wine enthusiasts recommend an allowance of 1 inch of space at the sides, 2 inches of space at the back, and 4 inches of space at the top.

  1. Prepare your tools and materials for installation

It is best to have your tools and materials with you before installation for a smooth installation process. Having them ready will avoid trips around the house, and it will make your installation quicker.

Installing a wine cooler is an easy task, and no professional skill is required for its set up. The manual of the wine cooler should also be with you upon installation. Gather the materials that are needed. These materials are usually:

  • Tape measure
  • Screwdrivers (different kinds of screwdrivers may be required, so check your unit first)
  • A scrap of wood (this would be helpful to level your base, especially if the floor is uneven)
  • A sheet of plastic (this is helpful if your floor area has a carpet)

  1. Prepare your installation space

After gathering the materials, the next step you would want is to have ample room to place your wine fridge first before installation. It is best to keep other kitchen appliances away in this area early on to avoid bumping and damaging. Consider if the floor has a carpet or if it is made of wood. A metal tray or a sheet of plastic may be placed on where you want the wine cooler. This boundary from the carpet to the wine fridge is especially helpful for carpeted floors that may absorb the wine cooler’s heat.

  1. Place your wine fridge in and wait for a few hours

Carefully place your wine cooler under your countertops. Level them properly and make sure you have enough allowance for your wine cooler to breathe. Opening your wine cooler excessively day and night is not advised, which may weaken its cooling capacity.

Once your cooler is in its position, do not plug it in right away. Wait for about 2 hours before you plug this well-designed kitchen appliance. The time allowance protects the compressor as it has been transported a few hours before it has been settled. This technique will also prevent cooling issues in the future. Turning it sooner than the recommended hours can lead to malfunction problems.

  1. Enjoy your wine cooler

After waiting for 2 hours, you can now plug your wine cooler. Place your favorite bottles of wine inside and arrange them accordingly. There is a maximum number of bottles that can fit inside each wine cooler with the right arrangement. Store your fancy drink, and enjoy them whenever you want. Each sip will be just like you freshly popped them out.

An undercounter wine cooler is a perfect choice for homeowners who want to leave their wines in a safe and cool place. This type of wine fridge does not take too much space. It also won’t take too long to set up either. You won’t be worried about how to install an undercounter wine cooler at home.

With the perfect location under your kitchen counter and your chosen wine fridge, installation won’t cost an arm and a leg. Your skills can set this sleek kitchen appliance in no time. Skip the hassle of seeking professional help. These wine coolers are for homeowners who love to put up an easy storage unit that will hold their favorite drinks for a lifetime.

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