How To Clean A Wine Cooler?


The cleanliness of a wine cooler is necessary to maintain the freshness and quality of your wine. After all, it is a storage place for your drinks if you’re a wine lover. Likewise, it is an ideal cooling appliance for other drinks, such as soda, milk and even a pitcher of water.

The regular and proper cleaning of wine coolers is as important as keeping the other home appliances clean. Or else, you might not be able to achieve the following benefits of keeping a clean cooler.

Increases the longevity of the wine cooler

A clean wine cooler can work optimally, as no dirt prevents it from delivering a great cooling performance. As a result, the machine works in a smooth manner and stays at its top peak condition.

Maintains Aesthetic

Cleaning and organizing the cooler makes wine owners happy. By regularly cleaning the parts of the cooler, its stinking smell is prevented while its beauty is preserved.

Boosts the efficiency of the wine cooler

Any appliance just like the wine cooler works better without dirt and clogs, which can be wine and other foods stored in the cooler. Also, one that is not maintained well can lead to the formation of molds and frost. But with regular cleaning, you will be able to prevent any performance issues caused by dirt and other impurities.

So if you want to achieve all these benefits and more, you should learn how to clean your wine cooler.

For a general overview, the following are the basic steps in performing the task. Your wine cooler may also have a specific cleaning instruction, which can vary from one manufacturer to another.

Steps to clean a wine cooler

  1. Turn off the wine cooler. Remember to unplug the switch of the wine cooler before executing the clean-up activities. It is done to ensure safety from electrical accident during the process. *The ideal frequency in cleaning the wine cooler is once or twice a year.
  1. Empty it. Remove the bottles and other goodies inside the cooler to give space for the overall cleaning temporarily. Loads inside the cooler may hinder the cleaning process, and at worst, some bottles may be broken if accidentally moved, as you wipe the shelves and walls.
  1. Temporarily detach the adjustable glass shelves of the wine cooler. Before you do the wiping and washing, you may remove the compartments of the cooler to make your cleaning easier first.
  1. Choose non-abrasive cleaning materials to avoid damage to the appliance. Avoid inappropriate cleaning materials when tidying-up the surface of the cooler. Harsh chemicals such as abrasives, chlorine bleach, high toxic detergents solvents and metal scouring pads can lead to damage of the cooler. Instead, use a soft sponge or cloth.
  1. Try cheaper yet effective materials to remove molds. While a chilling storage is a works well for all beverages, it also becomes a place for molds. High humidity aid the mold to propagate abundantly. Here are some of the hacks in removing molds inside your cooler:
  • Apply bleach using a sponge, rag or spray onto the damage parts of the cooler in order to saturate the molds.
  • You can also use white distilled vinegar to say goodbye to molds. Soak them in vinegar for at least an hour.
  • Combine baking soda and water to make a paste to apply to the moldy areas.
  1. Carefully wipe the cooler with soft fabric. Do it in every corner of the cooler. Make sure that all stains, leftover substances and even the odor are thoroughly eliminated. Do the wiping of the inside walls of the cooler in a gentle manner to avoid scratches to its smooth finish.
  1. Rinse the cooler and its parts off with lukewarm water to wash away the dirt as well as the nasty odor. Then dry it with a soft fabric.
  1. Let the door of the wine cooler stay open to allow enough air to enter the entire surface. In this manner, the corners of the cooler will dry easily.
  1. Reconnect the switch of the cooler, set-up the right temperature and load the items back inside it.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the cooler, you can look forward to long-term use and maximized investment. With an optimally working cooling appliance, you can also have peace of mind that your wines will be able to keep their high quality.

Follow these tips on how to clean a wine cooler today!

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